Over the last 28 years we have repaired or serviced almost all hardware in most industry sectors.
Our flexibility means our technicians are willing to work on almost anything; new products and technologies are an opportunity to learn and grow. We thrive on challenges.

On-site service

On-site service is where we excel. Most of our work is in the field repairing your customers’ equipment.

Banking Sector

Maintenance of most brands and models of ATMs.

Coin and note counting and weighing machines.

Other Technologies

Exchange service for a range of EFT terminals and peripherals.

Wide range of computers including desktops, laptops, servers, NAS, SAN and raid equipment.

Repair of network devices such as routers, modems, switches and associated hardware.

Experience with most brands and models of printer on the market today.

Other Services

Programmed maintenance; on a regular or irregular basis.

Installation, upgrade and de-installation services as required.

Provision of warehousing facilities for the storage of spare parts.
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